Month: March 2019


The purpose of self-discipline isn’t living a constraining of limiting lifestyle. It doesn’t mean being closed-minded or living life a lone. It’s one of the pillars of success and power. It bestows inner strength and the power to center all your energy on your goals and to persist until it’s completed. Both self-control and self-discipline …

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Learning From Failing

Even though failure hurts, it’s still an extremely important part of life. We’ve all failed more times than we’d like to admit. No one enjoys failing, but it can help us learn many important life lessons. No One Knows What They’re Doing Even the most successful people in the world don’t know what they’re doing …

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Your Drink of Choice.

Spring is here. Gardening and planting season. Well while you are out planting don’t forget to have a refreshing drink right at your finger tips. Why not create your own. Something sassy. Something tangy. Something that represents you. Why not! You’re like no other and you deserve a signature drink. What would the ingredients be? …

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