5/15/5 Challenge with a Twist

How is it that we can give advice and don’t follow the advice we give? I created a challenge that would help with getting task done and keeping you focused. As the name above states. 5 tasks for 15 minutes for 5 days. This morning I added a twist. Here’s the twist. If you finish the task before the time is up add it to you next task. This will work great if you have laundry to fold.

silver laptop computer near notebook

I know 15 minutes doesn’t seem like a long time. Just try it. It’s really not about he time but about you being focused on one thing at a time and making your time count. Instead of complaining about not have enough time to complete things use the time you have and make it count. It’s about quality not quanity. We often time are just running around in circles. We sometimes want to the newest and shiniest thing instead of finishing what’s unfinished.

How do you eat a elephant? One bite at a time. If you are into eating elephants. Just get a plan and work the plan. Things are better when they are written down. You know become face to face with what really needs to be done. Why because I’m Very Necessary!

Coach B

Coaching you through life’s twists and turns

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