About Necessary Necessities

Professional Coach, Trainer and Speaker

Just a little about me.  I live in the beautiful Blue Ridge mountains of Virginia.  From mostly any area you can see the beauty of the mountains.  This is where life has been for me. I live in the city of Lynchburg, Virginia. The city of seven hills.  Why am I here you may want to know.  I recently had a tragedy that helped me to make some life changing decisions.  You see in August of 2014 my oldest son was killed by gun violence.

I had wanted to make some changes about living. So after this tragedy I decided that I would.  Not just because of that but, because change is not change until you change.  So I hope that you will read with me as each new chapter unfolds.  Nothing specific and nothing for certain.  Just me and my thoughts that I hope will help encourage, uplift, and just give you something to think about.  Hello, I’m Bmossthewriter.





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