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Most people know what they want to be when they grow up. That wasn’t necessarily my thought. Why you might ask. Well because I was never given the encouragement that I needed to see that I could be more than just being. I grew up in a family of 7. Five girls and 2 boys. You guessed it. I’m the middle. To young to do this. Not old enough to do that. One thing that I can always remember enjoying was speaking and writing. I would always want to be in the drama classes and in the school plays.

I didn’t want to be an actress necessarily.  I enjoyed hearing words spoken and acted out.  I loved how words were life. How words used in the right way could bring a smile to someone’s face.  How words could change the course of someone’s life. How words when read could give you a different way of looking at the things. They didn’t have to be big words. Something as simple as, I’m Very Necessary. Those are very powerful words. To understand that you are not just wanted but, you are necessary changes the way that you feel about life.

Coach Brenda Moss- Very Necessary Coaching
Coach Brenda Moss- Very Necessary Coaching

Necessary: I can not be frustrated regardless of any attempt or desire to the contrary.  I’m here to fulfill a need. I am a must have. I am an absolute. I’m Very Necessary!

Coach Brenda Moss- Very Necessary Coaching

I didn’t always know that.  I remember being in college and the professor asking us to write a paper about a place without giving away where it was or what it was used for. By the time the reader has finished, they should be able to tell you what the space is. Needless to say the professor didn’t understand my description of my back yard.  I described it the way I felt about it. The way the freshly washed clothes blew in the wind. The one and only tree that I climbed because it was bigger than I was at the time. The two different fences that kept us from crossing over into the neighbors yard. This is how I saw it. So I was told that writing should not be something I should do.

Well, seven books later I would say that the professor was very wrong. I write the way I feel. I don’t have a guideline and I follow no pattern.  I may even write my last chapter first. The title may not come until I get to the middle.  Does it matter? Nope. All that matters is I’m doing what I love. I inspire with words.

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My journey here has not taken the easy path. Some would have stopped if they had to get here the way I did. You see my oldest son was killed in 2014 by gun violence. That is a blow that would stop most in their tracks.  Some would have used it as a reason to quit. I didn’t have the option of quitting. I have two other boys that needed me present. Do I get tired? There are days when no one responds to anything I write. Then there are days that someone will reply. I needed that at this moment in my life. Those are the times that keep me going. Besides, that. With words I give my son a voice. I have gotten to speak to hundreds of women and made hundreds more in friendships.

So to sum it all up. Who is Brenda Moss? She is a Mother, Evangelist, Author, and Encourager.



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