Be Accountable

Most times when we put things off. It is because there is no sense of urgency or it’s just not that important right now. Then time has passed or opportunity presents itself and we are not ready.

We feel like our unaccountability effects only us.
Ask yourself this question. How many people did I really let down because either I chose not to do something or you did not follow through?

Someone is waiting on you to complete your assignment. Yes someone is watching your weight. Then they will ask you how you did it. Someone is waiting for you to open that business. They want to work for you.

Someone is waiting on the testimony of the prayers you have prayed.

If you are having a hard time getting stuff done or completing stuff.
Here is a tip. Get you an accountability partner.

Not just your bestie. Not someone that will tell you it’s okay if you’re tire. But someone that will hold your feet to the fire. Someone that will ask you the hard questions. 

You might just need a coach.

This week I challenge you to get an accountability partner. You may need several. I have at least 3. They cheer me on and don’t agree with my foolishness. So let’s get somethings done that count.

Comment got mine when you complete the challenge. Got Mine! Looking for some more. Why because I’m Very Necessary!

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