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Cracked Egg

Cracked Egg. You are still usable!

Kintsugi is a Japanese art form in which breaks and repairs are treated as part of the object’s history.

I did a live today. Cried through most of it but that’s okay. You can go back and take a look. I was trying to get message out about our crackedness. Yes, I made that up.

The point was this. Most times when buying eggs we look in the carton to see of any of the eggs are cracked. If so we don’t purchase that carton of eggs.We don’t want the cracked egg because somehow we feel like it is not useful.

That is how we look at people sometimes. We see their cracks. Things like a divorce, children out of wedlock, drug addition, the place that they live or the car that they drive. All of these things are cracks. So why would we invest any time in them. Why because they are still usable.

Let do it like this. Yes the egg is cracked that does not mean that it has lost anything. You can still add it to cake mix. You can still fry or scramble it. Even make a omelet out of it. The egg is still usable. It may have gotten bumped around in the process of reaching the store. Not the eggs fault. Some people have bumps and bruises that are not their fault.

Things happen in the lives of people that are not always their fault, That does not mean that there is not usefulness in them. They still have gifts and talents that are on the inside of them. Given the chance they can make and be something beautiful.

When you look at your life just know that you are still usable. It’s doesn’t matter where someone else is in their life. What they have or where they live. You are still usable. Just like the egg. You maybe cracked but you are at your best after you have been broken. Read the definition above again. Believe that you are being put back together with pure gold and your cracks tell of the history of what you have come through.

You have some history. You made it through things others would not have. Cracked, bruise, and broken you made it. Why because I’m Very Necessary!

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