I love a good fight

“I love a Good Fight” – By Brenda Moss, Contributing Author

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One of the most common and inspirational stories from the Bible is about David and Goliath;  1 Samuel 17 tells us about David’s challenge against the Giant, defined as a man that is 9 foot 9 tall, adorned in sporting bronze, wearing a helmet weighing 125 pounds, carrying a powerful spear. Abiding by his father’s direction, he carried his brothers some cheese in bread as they were on the battlefield and fighting against the Philistines. On his journey, David was faced with a battle, an enormous BATTLE that was not his alone – God had already won the battle for him.

When we consider the overarching message of this story it is summed up in a sentence or two –  “Sometimes we are going to go to places for one thing and will run into challenges, however, we must stand strong and not allow the challenge to cause fear in us”. As Christians, we must remember that victory is ours.  As with David and Goliath (the challenge), the Giant was confirmation that he regardless of David’s size, he could eliminate any challenge no matter the size as long as his faith remained strong and continued to believe in God there would be no battle that could not be won. Further, we must remain with God and He will carry us through every hard time we endure, He will cover us with the blood of Jesus and carry us RIGHT through the war.

Do you wonder why David only chose three rocks to fight such a mighty Giant?  How could a man so small select such small weapons to fight a war that was far bigger than any imaginable?

Now let’s think about our lives and the challenges we are faced with – like David, our armor might not fit and we might not be prepared for the battles/challenges but as long as we have faith and are faithful to our Father God are battles are already won. Instead of carrying our “worries” to battle with us, we should be more like David and carry our three stones: The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit.  David used his faith and strength as a skilled slinger to slay the enemy.

Now I ask you, “What are you taking with you to face your giants? Are you taking what you have been skillfully trained and blessed with to fight the obstacles that are placed in your way?”

As a believer, I encourage you to face the GIANT whether it be sickness, divorce, grief, pain or loneliness.  Take your SLING and knock down those challenges that are attempting to discourage you each day and continue to have faith that no matter what comes your way you are covered by God’s grace.

If you have not read the story of David and Goliath, please visit 1 Samuel 17 or listen to Pastor Brad Hutchinson’s message on Youtube. You might be surprised just how much you have in common with David, peace, and blessings!

About the author: Brenda has published five books about healing and forgiveness. You may also follow Brenda on Facebook at Bmossthewriter or send queries to her via email address at bmosstherwriter@gmail.com


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