Keep Pushing

Keep Pushing!!!

While cutting my grass as always the Lord starts to talk to me when I begin to complain. For those of you that don’t know I don’t have a push mower and not a riding mower. I front and back yard that are very BIG. Besides that I have been gone and the grass has gotten tall. Thank you rain!!!! So I’m pushing and breathing hard. Not only is it wet on top. It’s wet on the bottom meaning that I will have to go over it twice instead of once.😅😓😨 All the while in my mind I’m saying this is too much. I had to stop several times during this process. Not only did I have to stop the mower stop as well. Because the grass would get stuck underneath and I would have to clean it out. I would come inside to rest for a minute and look back to see how much more I had to cut. There seemed as if no progress was being made. The sun is still hot and I’m drinking water like there will never be any more. My frustration was that there seem to be not progress being made. If I keep having to stop and start I would never get finished. Well after the complaining went on for a while this is what I heard.
Some of you are saying the same thing about things that you have started. You start and either you stop or something happens that brings things to a halt. You keep saying why can’t I get this finished. Why is it that I can only get so far and then nothing. Maybe like me you were trying to come up with ways to get it done quicker. You see I said next time I’m paying somebody to do this. Or I’m starting a fund for a riding mower. Or you maybe saying nobody wants to help me when I ask. I have asked. Grass still got high. Think of it this way. If you look back at what you have done you will see that you are making progress. The process is the progress. You have made progress and you are not really starting over. You are starting from where you left off. We have a tendency to not be proud of what we have already accomplished. Why because it’s not like some one else’s. Or because my neighbors have riding mowers and I don’t. It doesn’t matter what others are doing. The easy way is not always the best way. Be proud of the progress that you have made. If it’s not important to you then stop doing it. Don’t keep complaining. If it is important take a break. Get a drink! Start pushing again. You will finish. Even when you finished there will still be more to do to keep it. I had to rake the grass after I cut it. Even in that I know I have to stay on top of the grass. So did I finish the grass? YES! Did I sweat? Yes a Lot! So until I figure out a way to purchase a riding mower I’ll just keep pushing. That’s what I want you to do. Just keep pushing until you can ride.#Bmossthewriter

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