Make No Apologies

Make no apologies.
We often think that we should apologize for what we have. We feel the need to explain why something is the way it is at this time in our lives. I come to tell you. Make No Apologies. Give No Explanation. If I come to your home to visit with you. You owe me no explanation as to why your shower curtain will fall. You don’t have to explain why the lights are off on one side if the house. I don’t need to know why your fresh flowers have died. I don’t care if the oven smokes while trying to make us food. Please don’t explain why the pillows don’t match on the sofa. Or why there are finger prints on the TV screen. I guess what I’m trying to say is this. If I come to visit and we sit crossed apple sauce on the floor because you have no chairs. If we lounge out on your side porch and drink from mayonnaise jars. Or eat from your table with mix matched plates and plastic utensils. I came to visit you. Not to judge the things you have. My friendship is based on loving you where you are but excited to be a part of where you are going. If you feel you need to apologize for your life.Then make sure the person is really your friend. I have a open invitation to come visit me. This is the rule. If I hear that you spoke bad about my home. You won’t be invited back. Make No Apologies. #bmossthewriter

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