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Everyone gets to a place where they just came seem to move. They just can’t seem to get the WOW going. There was a cartoon that said My get up and go has got up and went. Let’s talk about what cause a lack of motivation.

#1 Lack of Confidence-Simply put, if you don’t believe you can succeed, what’s the point in trying, right? When this happens, it’s usually because you’re focusing entirely on what you want and neglecting what you already have.

#2 Lack of focus—If you don’t know what you want, is there anything you really want? Many times, people focus on what they don’t want, rather than on a concrete goal.

#3 Lack of direction—If you don’t know what to do, how can you possibly be motivated to do it? When you’re focusing on having an ultimate goal, direction means having a day-to-day plan to achieve it.

So to sum it up. Believe in you. Keep your eyes on the prize. Know where you destination is. Encourage yourself. Do what you don’t want to do now so that you can do what you want to do later.

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