No Scares Required

I don’t understand how I can turn a simple bring in a new desk. Into cleaning and changing the whole house. Any Who!

I need a new desk. Not wanted a new desk but needed one. So being me I started looking. I know what I wanted and there was only so much I was willing to pay. My favorite place to look of course is Goodwill. You guessed it. I found what I wanted. Only 14.99

It had a few scratches that could very easily be fixed. It would fit in the my space perfectly. As I began to get the desk ready. I tried to figure out what was the easiest of ways to bring this beauty beauty. So I got out the sand paper and started sanding. That didn’t last long. Next idea please.

I could cover it with something and make it look gorgeous. Out to the store I go. It didn’t take long for me to make my decision. So now I’m ready. I cover my new desk with this beautiful paper I have found. When I tell you beautiful. Yeah it is!!!

Just as I finished covering the table. My thought was that I should have done a before and after picture. What to do. Remove the covering on half and take a picture. Or just let you see the finished project.

I decided to let you see the finished product. So many times we want people to understand where we came from. That we forgot that not every one needs to see our scares in order to know our value. Your scares, your mess ups, your failures aren’t you. They were just the making of you becoming the beautiful you that you are right now.

Some scares you can cover up. Not that you are hiding anything. It’s just that you are better that your scares. The desk had marks and scratches. That did not stop it from being a desk. I saw what could be done with it. Not what had been done to it. Be proud of where you are now. You will look different when the right person sees you. The newness of you will attracts others. Why because I’m Very Necessary!

My new desk!!!!!

Hope you like it!!!!

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