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Coach Brenda Moss- Very Necessary Coaching
Brenda Moss
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Shannon Brooks

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I am a Financial Consultant and an Independent Life and Health Care Benefits Agent. I have been in the Financial and Insurance Industry for 14 years and I assist my clientele with their financial goals and insurance needs. We offer a variety of options that are affordable, comfortable and realistic for your current financial situation.

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Coach Brenda Moss- Very Necessary Coaching

About Coach B.

I am strategic futuristic and full of ideation.  Meaning I am at my best when in a position to cast vision of what could be.  I am a connector who thrives when I speak to passion strength and ideas of a person to maximize their efforts to accomplish something beautiful.


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Very Necessary Books


When You find your purpose there is no secret that can hold you. You have now learned to live in your truth. Bmossthewriter ............. $15

Secrets Workbook Brenda D Moss Amazon com Books

Secrets Workbook

When You find your purpose there is no secret that can hold you. You have now learned to live in your truth. Bmossthewriter ............. $10

Love Never Fails Brenda D Moss Amazon com Books

Love Never Fails

Secrets, lies, betrayal. Is there a love that will never fail in all of this. How do you get past the pain of it all? Bmossthewriter ............. $15

considering my thoughts

Considering My Thoughts

Our thoughts play a huge part in our journey. We never really take the time to think about what it is we are really thinking about. This Journal with my original writings will assist you with changing the way you think. Bmossthewriter ............. $7.99

Separated By Circumstance

There are things in life that we will have no control over. Circumstances happen and we find that the separation is more than we can bear. Bmossthewriter ............. $15

Released to Love

Sometimes others happen in our lives when we have lived for a while. You never know what others have been through to get to where they are. Bmossthewriter ............. $12

Just Say the word

Lynnette has dreams just like any other woman. Her past somehow limits her thoughts of ever having someone to love her out of her past and into her future. Bmossthewriter ............. $17.37

Moriah's World

Exciting children's book about a little girl that creates her own world. She brings joy to those and makes the world a better place with her imagination. Follow her journey as she makes new and exciting friends. Bmossthewriter ............. $12

"I found the book to be life changing, soul searching, and heartfelt to my very core. Secrets let me deal with hidden issues that I had suppressed for years. This book made me a better person and it made me realize that I am not alone. It felt good to release my past secrets in a safe environment. Attending the class and reading the book made my healing process so easy and meaningful. I would like to see every person read the book and take the class."
Josephine Wynn
Secrets Workbook
"I have to be honest, it took me awhile to read it because I found myself in the story. Trusting God, taking the leap of faith even though everyone around you puts the ideas down. I’m struggling with that so reading it was me facing the truth as well. Beautiful confirmation. Thank you for doing an amazing job with God’s work and being such an inspiration. God bless."
Kelly Taylor
“Several months ago, I bought myself a very special gift—a journal workbook entitled “I Am Very Necessary” created by Brenda Moss. This little book prompts big introspection into examining who you really are and want to be known as. Ms. Moss writes “ Dear Me, I thought it over. I’m going to free us.” Originally, I intended to use this book as a journal, but after thinking more about its intent, I decided that I wanted to fill it with a summary about who I am at this point in my life. It became a workbook—an exercise for me. Having just celebrated my 65th birthday, I filled its pages with honest insights about what I believe my purpose on earth is and how well I am achieving my uniquely “me” purpose. The short format of the workbook forced me to be concise and thoughtful in choosing my words. The timing of this gift was perfect for me in this milestone year. And in the spirit of “I’m going to free us”, I have this collection of thoughts away contained to my husband and family to read. It became my gift to them. For I realized that only in releasing those inner thoughts would I ever really be free. I highly recommend that people use this journal workbook, I Am Very Necessary that Brenda Moss has created for your own spiritual work or to give as a gift to someone at a milestone in their life.”
Mary Wright Baylor
"I am Very Necessary" Journal

Keep Pushing

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Don’t Relapse

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