Powerful Words

Do we really understand the power that we have in our words. In order to understand the power you must first be aware of the thought. Think about what it is you are thinking about. Before you say anything ask yourself. What will your words produce once you speak them out of your mouth?

Will your words produce life or death. Life brings movement and expectation. Death brings silence and defeat. Which would you rather have. Your words will cause the one with the most power to manifest.

What goal are you trying to reach. What relationship are you working on. What self improvement are you trying to do. Speak life. Speaking life means to purposefully make the decision to be a part of the process no matter what. Set your goals and then speak out of your mouth how you will meet the goals. Not with I can’t. But with I’m going to give it my best right at this very moment. I’m going to move from where I am to where I want to be. One step at a time.

You won’t get there on the first try. You definitely won’t get there if you give up. Speak life. Somethings will happen to make you want to stop. If you must rest, then rest. Just don’t give up. Encourage yourself by saying look at how far I have come. Don’t speak to the negative. Speak to the positive. Don’t put yourself down. Don’t speak defeat even before you get started. Speak life! Life is exciting. If yours is not ask yourself why and then answer the question of why it’s not.

Out of your mouth flows blessings and cursing. Speak blessings!

Why because I’m Very Necessary! Coach B. Coaching you through life’s twists and turns

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