Think About What You Are Thinking About

Thoughts!  I don’t think we really understand how powerful our thoughts are.  Your thoughts can quickly persuade you to do the opposite of what you intended to do.  Your thoughts will start creating a story out the ordinary.  Your day could have been going very well and one thing negative will change the way you were thinking.

man wearing brown hat on car

Our thoughts are created from the things we see and hear. Sometimes from the things we think we hear.  You could have just walked in a room and as soon as you walk in everyone stops talking.  Your thought!  They were talking about you. Then your thoughts go to.  I knew they didn’t like me.  They were probably talking about my clothes.  

woman in gray long-sleeved top sitting on chair near green leafed plant during daytime

Could it be that they just stopped to see who was coming in the room.  Was everyone in the room talking about you.  Does everyone in the room really know you like that.  Or is that how you perceive it.  Take the time and think about what it is you are thinking about.  Sounds strange doesn’t it.  Think about what you are thinking about.  

When we do this we will give ourselves the opportunity to make good choices.  When we stay in negative thoughts to long.  We find ourselves spiraling out of control.  You need to know the difference between the lie and the truth.  You have to know which one you are going to believe.  Think about what it is you are thinking about.  The truth is always peaceful and calming.  Lies bring confusion.

Think highly of yourself.  Your are worth thinking good thoughts about. Why because I’m Very Necessary  

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