Trust the Process

It’s hard sometimes to follow instructions to get where you need to be. Some of the steps may seem unnecessary. If the steps were unnecessary they would not have been added. They are necessary to get you to the finished product. You might know where the parts go. Trust the process. You don’t want to end up with parts left over.

If you are building a business don’t rush to try to be known and not have everything in place. What if the client you had been trying to work with called you today. Would you be ready? Do you have your contract in place? Do you know what price you are willing to take for your services? What if they wanted you to add a service? Are you willing to research what is asked of you? That’s an extra step that you will have to make. Trust the process.

person holding book with sketch

Build right now and you won’t have to see where you went wrong later. Trusting the process sometimes means that things don’t always move as fast as we want them to. If you are at a place in your business where things aren’t moving take time to figure out why. You might have to adjust somethings. Yes, that maybe the way that you wanted to do it. What if the other way is the way the client wants it done. Are you willing to adjust?

Don’t get so stuck on what you want. Don’t forget about the people you are serving. Maybe you make tee shirts. You don’t like the color purple. The clients wants 200 purple tee shirts. Do you try and talk the client out of what they want? Or do you make the purple tee shirts. Helpful hint: Make the tee shirts! Trust the process. They just might call you back and ask you to make the tee shirt in your favorite color. The order just might be double of the first one. All because you trusted the process.

Trusting the process sometimes seems slow and not worth it. It always works out in the end. Why because I’m Very Necessary Coach B

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