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What Gives Me Hope

What Gives Me Hope

Defining Hope:

Hope is a feeling of expectation, desire for certain things to happen

 What our words most time reflect is our response to a situation that we have no control over. Helplessness, Overwhelmed, Pressure, Exhaustion are true signs that we feel that things are out of our control. Hopeless you might say.

When we have true Hope there still may be some uncertainty but we have taken the time to think about what it is we can do. Can we predict the future? No. We can plan for the future. Right here right now you may be unsure of what is going to happen. To be honest that is the way you should feel.  Acknowledging this feeling will help you to understand that you have never been here before.  If you had you would know what to do.

My story of what should have been hopelessness:

 I knew what gun shots sounded like. I had seen the devastation that it caused to a community.  My heart had experienced the feeling of sadness because it had happened to someone I knew. Hopelessness came when it happened to me. Not necessarily the fact that my oldest was gone but the way that he was taken. The hopelessness came when I thought that there wasn’t any one or any organization that was concerned with the lives being taken in the black communities.  

The hopeless feeling that no one cared about my boy as a human. I knew I needed to do something.  What, I didn’t know.  Then I remembered the one thing that I had done all my life. Use my voice. Use my voice and tell any and everybody that I came into contact with about what was happening.  How gun violence was taking our black boys and our young men. I started in my own community. That seemed to be the best place to start.  No not exactly. It was as if the community had become immune to the killings. Thoughts and prayers and move on.  Not for my boy. I was going to advocate no matter who was with me and who wasn’t.  There were many days that I would post about gun violence and on the same day another life was taken. Should I keep going if no one was going to care.  Should I just honor Shawn in my own piece of the world and move on as well.  That’s not what I was called to do.  That would not give him the honor that he deserved. I had to keep going.

Nothing was happening, lives were still being lost.  The weight of no progress and change can weigh heavy on you.  You often ask if it is worth it. Then one Facebook event changed everything for me.  I found out that there were others that cared about my community just as much as I did and they were getting things done to change laws. My hoping against Hope was proving to be worth it.

If you take the time and think about it.  There have been a lot of places that you had never been before and you made it through.  Some way somehow. Look at the jobs you have had.  The relationships that you have been in. Your financial state.  There have been times when these things may have caused you not to hope.

What gives hope?

Hope is when you say.  I may not know everything that is going to happen but I’m going to make sure that the best happens.  I have no idea of what this is going to look like in a month or a year.  What I do have control over is making sure that it looks better than it does now.

Hope comes from the things that you are grateful for.  Not just material things.  Things like I got up today.  If you have been in a depression.  I didn’t use my credit card today to cover my sadness. My family is healthy and I want to be around for a long time to enjoy them.  

There is Hope. Just take the time to look around you.

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