What not to say

Death is bad. But Tragedy is all together different. Death or Tragedy it doesn’t matter. There are just some questions you don’t ask. This is the view from the other side. We don’t care what happened. We don’t want you to explain how it happened.

We really could care less where and when. What we do care about are the lives involved. It doesn’t matter on which side. We hurt. We are numb. We really can’t hear what you’re saying. Sometimes it’s just better to say nothing. We are not hungry. We are not tired. We are real people dealing with a very real issue. Don’t whisper when we walk into a room. Right now we need the best normal that we can get.

Normal will never be the same. So please from a person that has been on both sides. Please it’s okay not to say anything. For those that have all the answers. Keep living. Your time of not ever normal again will come.

I love all involved. I’m trusting that the prayers that I pray will bring the comfort that is needed. From the young girl in Appomattox, To my friends the Spinners, To the family of my friend Ray Ray, To the families of those involved. He is a just and loving God. He will see you through. To all others just be kind.

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