What time is it???

Time:  the measured or measurable period during which an action, process, or condition exists or continues
Life has a lot going on.  Things can become overwhelming.  When this happens asks yourself is this the time that you should be working on that project.
Believe it or not timing is everything.  I had to learn that while going through the process of starting my business.  There were things that I wanted to happen at a certain time.  So I was kept going at it only to get frustrated.
When you find yourself becoming frustrated ask yourself. What time is it?  It could be you should be working on something else.  Maybe you’re planning a wedding and nothing seems to be coming together. Maybe this is the time to ask yourself are you really ready for marriage. Maybe you are working on your business and you can’t seem to get the customers you need.
Maybe you are looking for a new job and no one is calling you back.  Ask yourself is this the right time.  When it is the right time everything will come together without frustration.
Ask yourself. What time is it?  There are set times for everything.  Don’t switch times slots and do something that isn’t suppose be be done at this moment.  Maybe it’s rest time.  #bmossthewriter


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