Your Drink of Choice.

Spring is here. Gardening and planting season. Well while you are out planting don’t forget to have a refreshing drink right at your finger tips. Why not create your own. Something sassy. Something tangy. Something that represents you. Why not! You’re like no other and you deserve a signature drink.

What would the ingredients be? What would make your drink stand out from the rest and everyone would know that it was you? Think of the color. How would you want it to taste! What exciting name would you give it? This is your signature drink. This is your go to when you want to feel better or just wind down.

I’ll start. Of course my signature drink would be….. I’m Very Necessary!

person putting herb on tee

The Ingredients

Strength, Respect, Love, Power, Authority, Compassion, Living Life

The colors would be green with just a splash of Red for my boy. The taste would be soothing, calming, and peaceful going down. I would serve it in a tall slender glass. Almost like a champagne flute. So order up. It’s very intoxicating. So what’s the name of your signature drink? Why because I’m Very Necessary!

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